We are connected to the larger family of Friends in a variety of ways. Most Friends Meetings are part of a larger body, often called a Yearly Meeting; in our case we are part of an Association, the Western Association of the Religious Society of Friends (WARSF). WARSF provides a way through which Friends Meetings, Churches, or individuals can be connected with Friends United Meeting (FUM), a worldwide body of Friends based in Richmond, Indiana and Kisumu, Kenya, that currently comprises thirty Yearly Meetings and Associations. FUM’s core priorities are evangelism, leadership training, global partnership, and communication.

WARSF also helps to keep us connected with the American Friends Service Committee, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and the Friends World Committee for Consultation. Our relationships with each of these organizations help us to participate in the wider work of Friends for peace, social justice, and mutual understanding.

WARSF is also currently considering being associated with the developing Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. Conversations with this new group are ongoing.

The Meetings of WARSF:

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